Day-12 (बारहवां दिन)

Revising Topics by Making Sentences
Note – The lesson is created using topics covered in UNIT-0 only so that the readers can revise entire unit by reading and understanding this lesson. This includes nouns, pronouns, state verbs, state verb sentences, negative sentence, questions, answers, sounds and articles.


Nouns are naming words like Ram, Sita, Krishna, Ganga, Yamuna, Himalaya, India, World, Computers, Internet, Hardware, Software etc. Pronouns are noun replacing words like – he, she, it, you, we, they etc. Verbs are state or action words. State verbs are only five – is, am, are, was and were. Action verbs are many like – eat, drink, sleep, come, go, open, close etc. All these are state verb sentences. Unit-0 is a chapter. There are 14 sessions in Unit-0. English is easy to learn. In English spelling of a word and its pronunciation are different. For example pronunciation of cat is /kat/. OALD is our lifetime teacher because any word’s spelling, pronunciation, type, meaning, example is there in OALD. Articles are only three – a, an, the. A and an are definite articles whereas the is an indefinite article. Pronunciation of the is /the/ before consonant sounds and pronunciation of the is /the/ before vowels. English is not difficult to learn. Sounds are not easy to remember. Practice is necessary to master sounds and then pronunciation. Is this a good story for revision? Yes, it is. Are you ready for more units? Yes, we are. Are you doing exercises? No, we are not. Are you ready for exercises? Yes, we are. Title is not given. Think and then decide & mail me the title.

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